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man and Daredevil for the modern age, d▓irected this adaptation of Will Eisner's comic-strip hero. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and a▓ bevy of beauties, it

may have looked good on the page. But onscreen, the heavily stylized, nearly black-and-white results were disastrous. The expensive movie was killed by comic fans, who wanted Miller to go back to com▓ics, and critics, who trashed

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    r-the-top tones and aesthetics. Consequently, the partners at the company behind the pro▓duction, Odd Lot Entertainment, parted ways after 23 years▓ together. It even killed plans for a Miller-directe

    d version of "Buck Rogers."9. GRINDHOUSE

  • * Release date

    : April 6, 2007* Estimated cost: $67 million* Domestic gross: $25 millionQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez managed to turn twice the filmma▓king firepower into half the box office (and a third of

    the critical praise). With "Grindhouse▓

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